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  • Posted 9:03 AM Sep 23 from web
    These hands don't haze. This year marks 30 years since ZBT eliminated pledging and all second-class status from the… https://t.co/McgIvDpEI8
  • Posted 2:50 PM Sep 20 from web
    Looking for career advice? Undergraduates, are you going to be looking for an internship or full time job? Join BRI… https://t.co/d0UAgBzNOU
  • Posted 10:50 AM Sep 20 from web
    Last week, Rabbi Backman from Chabad came to the Beta Zeta Epsilon House at the University of Maryland for BLT (Bag… https://t.co/NkprhN1wKl
  • Posted 12:19 PM Sep 19 from web
    Congratulations to ZBT National Housing Executive Director Matthew Tobe, Beta Alpha Theta (University of Colorado B… https://t.co/NX5ygZ7r5B
  • Posted 1:50 PM Sep 18 from web
    The 2019 International Convention in Denver, Colorado truly “moved mountains” with 370 brothers, partners and frien… https://t.co/OWEekWC1Bv
  • Posted 10:02 AM Sep 18 from web
    SOE Spotlight: remember that you are able to submit materials on an rolling basis by criteria or as a bulk upload f… https://t.co/BVPjRrjhiw
  • Posted 1:50 PM Sep 17 from web
    ADVISORS: learn and discuss how to enhance your chapter’s heritage this school year on a webinar tomorrow night! Jo… https://t.co/OoE33wyIWQ
  • Posted 10:02 AM Sep 17 from web
    URGENT TODAY, pick up the phone and send emails to tell Congress to protect every student’s freedom of association… https://t.co/m1eeO81lcP
  • Posted 1:50 PM Sep 16 from web
    On Labor Day Weekend, 19 Eta Sigma (Elon University) alumni gathered in Virginia Beach for the inaugural Eta Sigma… https://t.co/jFHUjSbI6b
  • Posted 1:50 PM Sep 13 from web
    Alfred (Al) K. Berg, Omicron (Syracuse University) 1973 believed in leaving the world better than he found it. One… https://t.co/H5rn8zStIc


TJ Klopfstein

TJ Klopfstein, Nu '15

"I am still experiencing the good and the difficult times as an alumnus, which just further proves that ZBT is truly a Brotherhood for a Lifetime."