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  • Posted 1:00 PM Oct 8 from web
    Now live! Check out the Fall 2017 Digital Deltan brotherhood magazine: https://t.co/LUSpk203QQ https://t.co/WboOdOuYCx
  • Posted 4:01 PM Sep 29 from web
    Wishing the brothers who celebrate a meaningful and easy fast on Yom Kippur.
  • Posted 3:01 PM Sep 22 from web
    Will you take the pledge to end hazing? Make a commitment to say no to hazing. An important step among #40Actions:… https://t.co/an1IpfWhhU
  • Posted 11:02 AM Sep 20 from web
    L'Shana Tova to those who celebrate! https://t.co/wqxtMW6tBn
  • Posted 9:02 AM Sep 20 from web
    The National Hazing Hotline is a resource any member, parent, brother or friend can use to report hazing: 1-888-NOT… https://t.co/YhhtIslRV9
  • Posted 4:07 PM Sep 19 from web
    Intervening can be daunting. lists these as the best steps to help you be an upstander and put an en… https://t.co/tivKYvoRMY
  • Posted 8:23 AM Sep 19 from web
    ZBT is committed to ending hazing. Among our #40actions: Becoming a non-pledging fraternity and ending tiered membe… https://t.co/xOpMTPBjBO
  • Posted 2:43 PM Sep 18 from web
    NYPD Sgt. Brother Chris M. Christodoulou, Beta Xi (Brooklyn) '96, passed into the Chapter Eternal this weekend: https://t.co/RGFB0wc7Bq
  • Posted 7:00 AM Sep 4 from web
    ZBT Headquarters is closed for Labor Day. We will reopen tomorrow. Wishing all our brothers and friends a restful and excellent holiday.
  • Posted 11:45 AM Aug 22 from web
    Amazon donates to Zeta Beta Tau Foundation when you shop https://t.co/VYIRHSRUpA #YouShopAmazonGives


Wesley Dunlap

Wesley Dunlap, Zeta Alpha '14

"When I walked into the house I caught this warm, welcoming feeling that I hadn't felt at the other chapter."