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  • Posted 1:10 PM Nov 14 from web
    The Beta Delta Chapter recently participated in a discussion with Rabbi Meir Goldberg of Meor Rutgers Jewish Xperie… https://t.co/XWJmXnrcvf
  • Posted 4:25 PM Nov 13 from web
    Our hearts are with CJ Thompson, Psi (University of Alabama) 2020 and his family after they lost their home in a ho… https://t.co/Ua1WVr3mju
  • Posted 10:05 AM Nov 12 from web
    To our veterans across the country and our brothers who are serving or who have served, thank you for your service. https://t.co/oOQQdwDO2J
  • Posted 10:25 AM Nov 9 from web
    Brothers from the Gamma Chapter at NYU were able to meet Luisa, the mother of the chapter's B+ Foundation hero who… https://t.co/fMjzh9iJDX
  • Posted 10:55 AM Nov 8 from web
    Congratulations to the Beta Zeta Epsilon Chapter at the University of Maryland for smashing their fundraising goal… https://t.co/BV4uHI1T5x
  • Posted 1:48 PM Nov 7 from web
    Please consider showing your support for Zeta Beta Tau Day of Giving TODAY! Link in bio. #ZBTGives… https://t.co/HITFq2tI1B
  • Posted 5:55 AM Nov 7 from web
    Did you know the Zeta Beta Tau Foundation has granted more than $72,000 over the last 3 years annually to antisemit… https://t.co/tuNQo3ALKn
  • Posted 4:10 PM Nov 6 from web
    Did you vote today? Mazel Tov! #MitzVote https://t.co/PNSGI14oLx
  • Posted 4:55 PM Nov 5 from web
    REGISTER NOW for our November Wellness Webinar! https://t.co/JQkQqV2uZp https://t.co/HUC76H3TAI
  • Posted 12:10 PM Nov 5 from web
    Since 1970, 25 U.S. elections were decided by just one vote. Make your voices heard tomorrow! #MitzVote https://t.co/q7XtOtJ08n


TJ Klopfstein

TJ Klopfstein, Nu '15

"I am still experiencing the good and the difficult times as an alumnus, which just further proves that ZBT is truly a Brotherhood for a Lifetime."