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  • Posted 11:50 AM Feb 21 from web
    On BRIDGE, undergraduate brothers are finding mentors in their fields and alumni brothers are connecting with those… https://t.co/zOsaMxFujW
  • Posted 9:50 AM Feb 19 from web
    The Beta Delta Chapter has been supporting their friend, Shane, in the hospital since 2016 as he battled cancer. Ev… https://t.co/4KkTqSSFMg
  • Posted 11:15 AM Feb 18 from web
    Brothers from the Eta Kappa Chapter at Towson University recently went into the uptown Towson area and left winter… https://t.co/7iHGpHkWPJ
  • Posted 3:15 PM Feb 15 from web
    We've loved meeting so many potential new brothers at #azabbgic2019! If you are at BBYO IC and haven't stopped by t… https://t.co/Y7hNMq2aL9
  • Posted 12:05 PM Feb 12 from web
    Delta Chapter brothers from Columbia University volunteered with an organization called Dorot, which provides suppo… https://t.co/PTOL7xDMCF
  • Posted 12:05 PM Feb 11 from web
    Undergraduate and alumni brothers from the Beta Xi Chapter at Brooklyn College played in the Old School vs. New Sch… https://t.co/VwEBj41R5K
  • Posted 10:01 AM Feb 7 from web
    These six Beta Eta chapter brothers from Bowling Green State University got together for a mini Florida reunion. Mo… https://t.co/KsH2g0jfdH
  • Posted 10:02 AM Feb 6 from web
    What an amazing article about brothers from the Lambda Chapter at the University of Texas. ZBT's across the country… https://t.co/OHZA71dN6u
  • Posted 12:01 PM Feb 5 from web
    Our Delta Iota Chapter brothers were featured in a local Orlando Jewish newspaper for their sponsorship of UCF Chab… https://t.co/H19GmKj5HG
  • Posted 12:55 PM Jan 31 from web
    Our Psi Chapter at the University of Alabama paired with Alpha Phi to win the inaugural University of Alabama SGA b… https://t.co/Rbj9V7BbPp


Wesley Dunlap

Wesley Dunlap, Zeta Alpha '14

"When I walked into the house I caught this warm, welcoming feeling that I hadn't felt at the other chapter."