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  • Posted 1:45 PM Jan 22 from web
    Don't miss out on the 2019 Israel Advocacy Summit in Chicago in April! The program registration fee is covered by y… https://t.co/YAPJktJNid
  • Posted 10:45 AM Jan 21 from web
    ZBT International Headquarters is closed today to remember and reflect on Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.'s legacy. https://t.co/KYD3dsiX75
  • Posted 4:45 PM Jan 20 from web
    Happy Tu B’Shevat ZBT! Tu B’Shevat, the Jewish holiday celebrating trees, starts tonight and is celebrated through… https://t.co/UtsIjmpwj6
  • Posted 10:55 AM Jan 18 from web
    Attn: Undergraduate Brothers! The scholarship application deadline is one month away. Don't delay completing your a… https://t.co/U1tSJKrru2
  • Posted 11:45 AM Jan 17 from web
    Register now for spring ROIs! If your chapter did not attend this program in the fall, you must attend in the sprin… https://t.co/GpRxSZzAFw
  • Posted 9:30 AM Jan 11 from web
    Congratulations to the Alpha Zeta chapter on their chartering ceremony this past weekend! We are so excited to see… https://t.co/sNmgLZahn5
  • Posted 11:30 AM Jan 9 from web
    We hope everyone enjoyed their winter break! Brothers from the Alpha Alpha Chapter at Purdue went skiing together. https://t.co/K152y43LTA
  • Posted 11:30 AM Jan 8 from web
    Zeta Beta Tau is coming to UC Irvine! We’re looking for men to become Founding Fathers. We’ll be on campus meeting… https://t.co/SvBcWzVflk
  • Posted 2:55 PM Jan 4 from web
    The Zeta Beta Tau Foundation awarded more than $60,000 in 2018. Applications for 2019 are open now!… https://t.co/iORpMNg7tV
  • Posted 10:35 AM Jan 2 from web
    We are so proud of Max Harberg, Lambda (University of Texas) 2020, Petar Efremov, Delta Beta (University of Connect… https://t.co/4DhOBOfL5z


Wesley Dunlap

Wesley Dunlap, Zeta Alpha '14

"When I walked into the house I caught this warm, welcoming feeling that I hadn't felt at the other chapter."