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  • Posted 1:35 PM Apr 25 from web
    Tomorrow is the final day to apply for a scholarship to attend the NIC's Undergraduate Interfraternity Institute (U… https://t.co/cWGL3r8RgG
  • Posted 10:20 AM Apr 24 from web
    Want free ZBT swag?! The 3 chapters that register the most brothers for the 2019 International Convention by May 3r… https://t.co/7Z7YYdqipb
  • Posted 3:23 PM Apr 23 from web
    ZBT is saddened to announce the death of Henry W. Bloch, Phi (University of Michigan) 1945. Brother Bloch was the c… https://t.co/BdRPza9PBF
  • Posted 1:05 PM Apr 23 from web
    The National Sexual Assault Hotline offers confidential, anonymous support to survivors 24/7/365. It’s never too la… https://t.co/3R8w6bEcDX
  • Posted 10:20 AM Apr 23 from web
    JOB ALERT: Are you looking for an internship in a hospital setting this summer? This internship was just posted on… https://t.co/2vsO9KTPRh
  • Posted 9:20 AM Apr 22 from web
    Do you know a brother or friend of ZBT who is deserving of an International award? Nominate them today! Awards will… https://t.co/pgT2pdhUvC
  • Posted 10:20 AM Apr 19 from web
    The Delta Iota Chapter at UCF was named UCF's IFC Fraternity of the Year! ZBT is the only 5 star rated IFC Chapter… https://t.co/wSs9HpT5KP
  • Posted 2:15 PM Apr 18 from web
    True statement for many. Brotherhood for a lifetime! https://t.co/4y8hbVQPnp
  • Posted 10:20 AM Apr 18 from web
    Our chapter at the University of Wisconsin partnered with two other Greek organizations on campus to raise $80,000… https://t.co/rGQdikXYRQ
  • Posted 1:05 PM Apr 17 from web
    Our chapter at Towson was featured in the newspaper for Green Light: Go! Great job, brothers.… https://t.co/wvHxG51ow8


Wesley Dunlap

Wesley Dunlap, Zeta Alpha '14

"When I walked into the house I caught this warm, welcoming feeling that I hadn't felt at the other chapter."