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  • Posted 3:47 PM Jul 21 from web
    Zeta Beta Tau honors with Gottheil Award for Humanitarian Service: https://t.co/dc7SfLXd28 https://t.co/ANbSXYRZYy
  • Posted 7:14 PM Jul 20 from web
    Honored to have you! https://t.co/QeZ6XiqAev
  • Posted 3:04 PM Jul 20 from web
    And we're off! Excited to have brothers together for the 2017 International Convention! https://t.co/73viceT2ur
  • Posted 11:31 AM Jul 20 from web
    Live from the 2017 International Convention! https://t.co/HtourkMRTt
  • Posted 7:52 PM Jul 19 from web
    Lots of talent here at Recruitment University with Can't wait to see more… https://t.co/hI9AHvmeB2
  • Posted 12:24 PM Jul 19 from web
    Zeebs, start your engines.... 2017 International Convention begins in just about 24 hours! https://t.co/Aa3dJOC0ux
  • Posted 11:43 AM Jul 13 from web
    ZBT abolished all forms of pledging in 1989. We support the REACH Act as part of our commitment to the fight agains… https://t.co/GEJJopW1Qi
  • Posted 7:30 AM Jul 4 from web
    ZBT HQ is closed today for Independence Day. We will reopen on Wednesday. Wishing a happy Fourth of July to our brothers and friends!
  • Posted 3:01 PM Jun 30 from web
    Did you know? – You can support the mission of the Zeta Beta Tau Foundation by making a donation at https://t.co/Vv5Uzy7ETQ
  • Posted 3:00 PM Jun 29 from web
    Did you know? – Zeta Beta Tau Foundation is exclusively committed to educational & charitable purposes that assist the brothers of #ZBT


Wesley Dunlap

Wesley Dunlap, Zeta Alpha '14

"When I walked into the house I caught this warm, welcoming feeling that I hadn't felt at the other chapter."