Wesley Dunlap

Wesley Dunlap
Zeta Alpha '14

When I rushed at Florida State University (FSU) I only ventured into two houses, that of Delta Tau Delta and ZBT. I first went to Delta Tau Delta because one of my best friends was the Sergeant of Arms and he really pushed me to join his fraternity. I also heard a lot about their chapter at FSU, because they were one of the top chapters on campus. I went into their house met a couple of the brothers and had a god vibe; but in the back of my mind I knew they

"When I walked into the house I caught this warm, welcoming feeling that I hadn't felt at the other chapter."

had a very serious pledging process. With it being my first semester at FSU after transferring from the University of Pittsburgh, I really didn’t want to sacrifice my grades in order to get into that particular organization. I did receive a bid that night from Delta Tau Delta and wanted to think it over. The next night I went to go check out the ZBT house.

When I walked into the house I caught this warm, welcoming feeling that I hadn't felt at the other chapter. I started to meet a bunch of the guys to get a feel for the type of mentality that they carried with themselves. At the time I didn’t really know much about ZBT just that my grandfather, uncle, and cousin were all part of it when they were in college. As I went through getting introduced to the various brothers and eventually the President, I made sure I didn’t mention anything about my lineage to the organization. As I finished up my conversation with the President he extended a formal bid to join the organization. I was very flattered that he extended a bid to me after 15 minutes of meeting. I told him that I would have to think about it, but either way I would come back in person the next night with a yes or no answer.

The next day I called my grandfather to tell him the news about me receiving a bid to join ZBT. I remember our conversation like it was yesterday. He was very excited for me, but he reminded to really think this over because of how big of a commit it is to take. Also, to remember not to join the organization because of him, my uncle Kenny, or my cousin Chad; but to join the chapter because you like the men within it. That talk really sat with me and really showed me the big picture of why you join a fraternity. You could say the rest is history!