David Rind

David Rind
Delta Iota '14

It was second semester sophomore year. I had just transferred schools and had no idea where to start in terms of developing my life at the University of Central Florida. During my first week of school, a friend of mine asked me one night if I wanted to meet some of her friends. Having not known very many people, I went along with it and ended up at a fraternity house.  At first, I walked in and felt that the shy side of me just wanted to go back to my

"Having joined ZBT as a shy transfer student with little to no drive to become more social, I had no idea I could change so quickly."

apartment and focus on my school work. After three hours of playing pool, shooting darts, hoops and meeting new people, I felt like there was no place I would rather be. I had something in common with every person in the house and didn’t realize I could feel so at home.

Soon after joining ZBT, the goals that I had set for myself as an individual had begun to noticeably be more achievable. Having joined ZBT as a shy transfer student with little to no drive to become more social, I had no idea I could change so quickly. Weeks after joining the fraternity, I became the housing chair, organizing home improvements. My next semester, I became the ritual chair, someone who wanted to help brothers live the values of ZBT. I then was elected onto the executive board as the Brotherhood Development Director, a position that only a year ago, I had no clue could be something I would be good at or even something in which I was interested. During my senior year, I only continued to want to give back to my chapter by remaining on the executive board and helping my chapter grow, not only in size, but improve the quality of the men in the chapter.

The most rewarding part of my experience was by far the ability to watch the people I worked closely with, becoming the leaders of not only my chapter, but leaders within the international fraternity, leading many other chapters to change their ways to breed further success on their individual campuses.

Every day, I live the values of my fraternity experience. Every day, I think to myself, is this was my brotherhood would be proud of, what my parents would want me to do? My fraternity experience made me the person I am today and for that, I am forever grateful.