Evan  Skloot

Evan Skloot
Eta Sigma '16

Going into college, I was extraordinarily close with my friends I grew up with. I had no idea how I would find a group of guys who I would be able to feel that comfortable with in a completely new place where I didn’t know anyone. This struggle continued throughout my first semester at Elon University, meeting lots of great people but impatient about that not yet capturing that feeling. However, that all changed at the end of the semester when I met the men

"These two men became two of my best friends, and cemented my decision to become a founding father."

who would soon be the founding fathers of the Eta Sigma Chapter.

Two upperclassmen in particular immediately reminded me of that comfortable feeling I had with my childhood friends. They took me in, taught me the lessons they had learned, and showed a true interest in who I was and wanted to be. They challenged me, laughed with [and at] me, called me out, and celebrated with me when I succeeded. In short, they did exactly what was expected of them as a brother of Zeta Beta Tau. As I grew as a fraternity man, their treatment of me created the standard which I used to judge my own merit as a brother.

These two men became two of my best friends, and cemented my decision to become a founding father. As the colony rapidly grew and we began to see the fruits of our labor, their demeanor and dedication never changed. Reflecting on it later, they taught me what true masculinity is: being vulnerable, talking about your fears and your emotions, sticking up for what you believe in, and showing kindness and respect to everyone. That is what being a brother of ZBT means to me, and it is what these two cool upperclassman ingrained in me at a time where I was just looking for some friends. We remain close friends today, and I am proud to call one of them my big brother.